05/01/19 – A Simple Man




Eating popcorn and building 3D models. Like the dickens.


      1. blackout

        It’s an issue with clicking directly from the front page for some reason; navigating back a page and then to the current day’s page shows the comment section without an error.

  1. FlySwatter

    Nice view shift in panel 3. Random thought: I hope Devyat doesn’t need to go to the bathroom since there doesn’t seem to be one. Maybe there’s a potty-bot under the bed?

    1. @Flyswatter, thank you. πŸ™‚ And also, there is one! You can see it in yesterday’s strip behind Pilot in panel 2 and behind Dimitri’s leg in panel 3. I imagine there being some privacy curtains, or hologram curtains, for privacy, which pop up.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Ah, the battle of authority against the free will of children. Difficult to win, not that Dmitri makes that claim. And Devyat is careful to just agree with his number, not introduce either justice or oppression in this moment. How things actually stand is probably more in Dmitri’s favor in any case, but it’s not worth arguing now.

    What IS worth arguing is what guidance he can offer her now, beyond the obvious. It’s entirely possible he sees a hole in security through which Devyat can escape. Justification is not a path forward or out. She’s got to find her own way… which Dmitri hopes to detect and assist as necessary.

    Good luck, Devyat. Whatever happens, it’s plain dear old Dad is going to be behind it, helping and grinning as he always does. >sigh<

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