05/27/19 – Troops in Motion




It’s now amuses me a lot to subtly include Choan and Jibbz’s relationship progression.


  1. Coyoty

    “You can’t clamp me! I have to save the universe again!”

    “You have no choice.”

    “She always has a Joyce!” ::thunk::chop::kick::smoosh::

    “Don’t you ever get tired of saying that?”

  2. Autoskip

    Anesu’s taking care of it?
    …She replaced the clamp with a party popper 3 days ago didn’t she…

    Ok, fine, I realise that that’s very unlikely, but that’s mostly because there’s about a million other things she could have substituted in – and a few other ways to stop the clamping. For all I know Anesu’s going to pretend to be Devyat just so she can see the looks on their faces when they find out they got the wrong person…

  3. Peter Rogan

    It’s encounters like these that make me realize just how perfectly acclimated to the madness of Galactic power struggles Choan really is. I think Choan is what Anesu wants to be when she grows up, and the only possible superior Joyce would ever willingly acknowledge.

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