01/07/20 – Figuring Things out

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, January 7, 2020.




Cedra and I tried out “Red Door” brewery, the new brewery in town, and I had a beer brewed with cinnamon toast crunch. Honestly. And honestly it was pretty good (mild, not overly sweet or anything, just kinda nice).


    1. Jude

      From the link “But how do you alert your emergency toilet paper robot? Via smartphone, of course. After RollBot receives an activation via Bluetooth, it begins its rescue mission.” Oh, damn it! Why didn’t I take my phone with me?!

      So, can it get through a locked bathroom door or navigate to a different floor? And to think, these idiots spent time and money making this. Now if they invented Christopher’s potty-bot for babies, people might actually buy it. (Quick, Christopher, patent your idea.)

  1. Rikard

    Maybe it’s just me, but Pierrot apparently rhymes with itch. He needs to stop itching, Emily needs to own up to having a child, and if the best outcome is to not be a couple, then don’t – put your personal hangups on hold for when the child isn’t present, work them out, or just agree to have a civil joint responsibility. It’s your child, not the prize in a tug-of-war.

    These two updtaes hits way too close to home for me. I’ve seen too many children being used as leverage, way too many couples who just can’t stop poking and needling eachother because neither wants to “lose”.

    Creepy-cutey puppy-aliens doing suburban renewal romper-stomper-style I can take. This is too much like reading about workstuff – but it’s a good story, no two euro-cents about it.

  2. War Pig

    Cinnamon toast in beer? Sacrilege! Against Reinheitsgebot law! Purity in beer! Der Vaterland vill punish you.

    Anyone who brews beer with cinnamon or citrus or any other adulterant should be flayed. Beer is not wine coolers. šŸ˜‰

    Now that rant is over, yeah. Pierrot and Emily need to get their act together. Em-J is going to need both of them. Hard for a loner to join a family, even if she is the Alpha of the family and Pierre the Beta. I, too, being a career military guy have seen too many divorces, too many children used as the rope in a tug of war, or weaponized against the other spouse by a vindictive ex. It winds up damaging the children, usually irreparably. I still thank my lucky stars I married the woman I did. True to the end.

    1. Ah but you forget the traditional German style called a Radler. Well traditional as of the early 20th century. Of course the Belgians have been making fruit lambics for several generations, and then there are ciders which are the American heritage drink. Though it goes back much further than that.

      And spicing beers goes back to before Reinheitsgebot, some argue that that law was enacted not only to regularize beer production but to take it away from the home creation market where each family had a traditional recipe.

      Sorry I know that was throw away comment but it fired off something.

  3. Pete Rogan

    Pierrot, Pierrot, Pierrot, you’re not helping. You drove Emily right across the Galaxy and now you have the gall to say that every day away from Em-J is a day she’ll never get back. What kind of flaming A-hole holds out a burning carrot and then applies a thick stick? To quote South Park in the original German, “Das ist NICHT KUL, Kartmann!”

    There’s more wrong with this marriage than Emily’s emotional distance and rigidity. Pierrot’s got a burr under his saddle and it’s not just his wife. Maddening. I could see Pierrot’s irritation, but now it’s more like a cattleprod, and I’m not the one on the receiving end. I’m SO glad I can’t see Emily’s face in that last panel. One day Pierrot will. And if he’s not sorry then, he shortly will be. He will be.

  4. Al

    Apropos of nothing, but the way you drew Emily in that last panel is so beautiful! Just a wonderfully drawn back – minimal lines doing so much work to define musculature and the twist of her torso — just *chef’s kiss*!

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