01/16/20 – Stangor Is Looking

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, January 16, 2020.




Let the chase begin.


      1. 7eggert

        Most people’s lives are governed by telephone numbers. Maybe you met a semi-important person at a party and gave your telephone number, which happens to match the probability of an uncertainty drive to pick you up.

      1. Julia

        I thought it was odd that I had no recollection of her. But somehow I expected some back story to explain the animosity. Well, I am sure you will tell us as the strip progresses. Thanks.

        1. Pete Rogan

          Cops and career criminals don’t have cheery social lives. You can bet that sometime in the past Emily jailed Stangor’s friends, his debtors, or his operatives, and that’s enough to put a mark on her as far as Stangor’s concerned.

          But not too big a mark or he’d be looking for her himself. Not sitting in a rank Durnheim-3 hole-in-the-wall. Note that Emily’s got a bounty on her — ‘finder’s fee’ and all. There are likely a lot of crooks who would pay to put a hole in her hide. Or worse. Depends on the budget.

  1. Muzhik

    Shouldn’t have done that.
    Someone’s going to get miffed.
    No one ever told Stangor never to get between a pack and its alpha.
    He’s going to find out what happens when a calm and gentle creature like Ruddock gets miffed.

    I’m going to stand WAAAY over there…

  2. Pete Rogan

    Ruddock had just found a half-eaten alien sandwich with a mouth full of alien tracer map. You don’t suppose he…..?

    I’ve never known coyotes to be fastidious eaters. Or particularly careful ones, really. This chase might lead eventually to a sad little pile, but I don’t think Stangor’s gonna wait that long.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Stangor? A new or possibly old person we never saw as part of some anti-GOB group maybe? Has it in for Emily Taylor and by extension her posse.

    He does look like he’s rather large for a fox and small for a Bikkie sized bruiser. Where did Stangor come from? We wait to find out.

    I fear that the tracer may be swallowed.

  4. Rikard

    Looking at the page a second time I just realised somthing about the bar. There seems to be one stool per table. That is to me saying something about what type of bar it is, or extended that the culture of the grumpy greenies values drinking in private, in public.

    Of course, one could whip up a rationalisation. The chairs are magna-locked to the floor and can only be moved if you order something. Extension: the customer is mol-bonded to the chair until the tab is paid…

    (I’ve worked bouncer in places that could’ve used such chairs… Damn some srunks could qualify for the 100 meter dash!)

  5. The Gorram Batguy

    Loving the facial expression on these Heims. Jaded boredom to manic smile is 0.3 seconds, and then on through the spectrum of expressions. I hope you’re enjoying drawing them at least as much as I enjoy looking at them.

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