06/22/20 – Lines of Defense

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 22, 2020.




Plusses and minuses to all positions.



      Or why they do not engage the Bollycks ship. No matter how laser proof their skin is, their ship can still be disabled.
      As for the risk of hitting ship components with bullets, there are bullets that were developed to not puncture aircraft sidings; those were meant for air marshals.

    2. TB

      Or maybe a crossbow? Note that you can damage ship components as easily by missing someone with a spear as you can with a bullet or crossbow bolt.

      Big advantage to spears: they don’t need reloading.

  1. Coyoty

    They should probably let Stangor loose. If she stays locked up, Bollycks will get her. Even though she wants to kill Emily, she’ll probably fight beside her for her own greater good.

      1. mm, ok. a spear is generally a long stick with something sharp on one end.

        it’s not terribly effective against lasers, disruptors, disintegration beams, stun grenades, flash grenades, zingers or zringers, or bows-and-arrows.

        however it’s pretty brilliant against certain primitive tribes, especially when used in a phalanx.

        also great in miniature form in cocktails.

  2. I’m guessing Emily didn’t replicate a pistol because 1.) She didn’t want to risk breaching the haul 2.) She didn’t want to risk hitting a crew member and 3.) She doesn’t trust any of the others with a gun. It’s hard to stab your self with a spear… Not impossible but allot harder the shooting your self in the foot…

  3. Muzhik

    @Steel Raven, there’s also the possibility that she DID replicate some sort of projectile weapon (would throwing lightning bolts count as “projectile weapon”?) and she’s hiding it; and maybe the Bollycks won’t see the spears as weapons and treat these unarmed children with mercy. Maybe.

    And now I’m thinking of all the places you can strike on a human and cause a quick death and wondering if they’re the same on a Bollyck. Like in the groin — in human, you strike that with a spear and nick the femoral artery, and you’ll be dead in 5 minutes.

  4. Pete Rogan

    Emily now impresses me twice over.

    For one, she’s able to make a joke about Chiphu’s fighting ability, and it actually causes her to smile. I’ve really missed situations that cause Emily to smile.

    And for the other, I’m sure she’s already considered how dire things could get, between Bollycks and Stangor and the pacifists, if she had the box-bot unlock and give her back her arsenal. So no mention is made. But God help the box-bot if Stangor gets loose and the box-bot decides it’s okay to unlock now that the Bollycks are aboard. Oh, dear.

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