06/24/20 – Through That Door

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 24, 2020.




So many “ifs” of course reminds m of the wonder Jaques in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” in his ramble about the “seventh cause.” Brilliant.

“All these you may avoid but the Lie Direct; and you may avoid that too, with an If. I knew when seven justices could not take up a quarrel, but when the parties were met themselves, one of them thought but of an If, as, ‘If you said so, then I said so;’ and they shook hands and swore brothers. Your If is the only peacemaker; much virtue in If.”


  1. Pete Rogan

    Something’s wrong. I anticipated the clowder of fists against obdurate Bollyck hide and I’m not hearing it. Are they that far away from the hatch? Then where are they trying to break in?

    Um, I run an aviation RPG on the side, and the issue of bullets aboard pressurized aircraft came up more than once. On their own initiative, my players discovered that we already make frangible bullets for use aboard aircraft. They will penetrate flesh, but on striking a more-rigid plastic or metal structure like the fuselage, shatter into relatively harmless fragments. I really had hoped they’d go for sonic weapons, but when they can go get frangible rounds on the Web, it becomes a moot point. I have fairly remarkable players, I should say.

      1. Pete Rogan

        Um… I would answer that but I suspect it will invalidate a patent I haven’t yet applied for and give things away for a book I haven’t written yet. Sorry.

        But keep watching the skies!

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      Clowder is a word, for a group of cats. πŸ™‚ They may also be a clutter, pounce, dout, nuisance, glorying, or a glare.

      Bikkie has the ability to be a one kangaroo troop or mob. πŸ™‚

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