08/10/20 – One Last Kiss

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 10, 2020.




Ah, the complexities of love!


    1. Rob C.

      I suspect that, she not hugely attached to her mom, doesn’t want to be nagged into next age. Who knows.

      It’s shame she may not be back. Dimitri needs stick with one woman for bit. If that possible!

  1. Pete Rogan

    Okay, NOW I’m worried.

    I don’t recall Dmitri ever carrying on this way with any of his paramours before. This is a kind of bonding in which both Dmitri and Ciara seem to be fully anticipatory participants. Where is this leading?

    Yes yes, I know — to standing outside the Spacetrawler snogging. I mean AFTER.

      1. Pete Rogan

        Oh, yeah, I had forgotten. Interesting transition for Dmitri, a rebound with some misgivings to it, not often seen in him. But rebound he did, most capitally.

        And it was good to see King with Oohlooh again. I had forgotten how much of him died and was buried when she was assassinated. Now I’m going to miss old King when he was expansive and social. And ponder again what makes Dmitri drink so much.

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