08/27/20 – Ruddock Follows

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 27, 2020.




Usually I only lave things like stray receipts or candy wrappers in my pocket. Stangor is playing this game at a whole different level.


      1. Fnordius

        Y’know, if gravity in that corridor is only a quarter of what it is on Earth, bounding might be the best way to move. Just enough pull to keep up and down straight, do things like the skidding halt, but lots of air time between paces when running.

        What you did here seems like a perfect representation, and a nice way to say gravity isn’t just on or off. I like it.

  1. nightgaunt492015

    Bounding music like what was done for the original WB cartoons adapted from well known pieces from long hair music.

    Maybe “Dance of the Hours” or possibly “Rite of Spring”?

    Canines of a fur bound together. Humor across intragalactic species.

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