10/19/20 – Aitana’s New Suit

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 19, 2020.




Sometimes you should really read the fine print.


  1. Rikard

    “I’ll take ‘What’s a catheter and does it hurt?’ for 500, Bob.”

    Boy howdy does it hurt. Aitana doesn’t know how lucky she is.

    The old Star Wars D6 game from WEG had an item called a stun suit or somesuch. Wearer is grabbed and doesn’t want to? ZAP! Unfortunately, wearer is bumped into and ZAP! was also a feature.

    Not to mention the hilarity of wearer (player) has forgotten to remove suit before Imperial customs inspection…

    1. Autoskip

      …Is that forgotten to remove suit, or “forgotten” to remove suit?

      Also, now I want to know if there was wearer is in a crowd and ZAP!x473 or until there was a flat power pack “feature”

  2. Nova

    This feels like a good opportunity to bring up Alan Shepard:

    “[…] All of the delays resulted in Shepard lying on his back in the capsule for almost three hours, by which point he complained to the blockhouse crew that he had a severe need to urinate. […] The crew told him that this was impossible as they would have to set the White Room back up and waste considerable amounts of time removing the Mercury’s heavily bolted hatch. An irate Shepard then announced that if he could not get out for a bathroom trip, he would simply urinate in his suit. When the blockhouse protested that that would short out the medical electrodes on his body, he told them to simply turn the power off. They complied, and Shepard emptied his bladder. Because of the position he was sitting in, the urine pooled somewhat underneath his back and with oxygen flowing through the spacesuit, he was soon dried out, and the countdown resumed.”

  3. Keith

    Yes, you can pee in anything. The real question is, should you. Have you made sure what you are wearing is designed to absorb or collect and keep you clean. Any other thing is not my business. ykinmk

  4. KQY

    I recall Wally Schirra dubbing the Overboard Dump the Constellation Urion. As a kid following the Apollo missions and using both a receiver with beam antenna and a telescope, I’d view these ‘events’. The crew would radio down the housekeeping to warn mission control that a propulsive event was forthcoming. So, I would have warning it was time to look for the cloud of ice crystals in the sunlight. That was the only time I could see where they were with my low power scope.

  5. Pete Rogan

    OW OW OW OW!

    Coco Chanel in Heaven just rolled her eyes so hard they rolled right over my FOOT!

    The prime source for first-hand astronaut stories still is Tom Wolfe’s “The Right Stuff,” which includes a number that can’t be repeated in polite company. You could also Google “Icy BMs” for stories on how the Shuttle astronauts coped with waste disposal.

    Which is timely since NASA is planning to launch to the ISS the first space toilet designed to accommodate women. Only took fifty years. Twenty-five of which they avoided the problem by not launching women at all.

  6. Matthew Stone

    Reminds me of the Venture Bro. “Careers in Science” episode.

    Dr.Venture: Yeah, I’m fine. I was just enjoying the super freedom of space travel. You know, testing out the waste collection pouch. It really is quite liberating.
    (A large yellow stain is now on Rusty’s space suit.)
    Dr.Venture: What? We’re astronauts. Why is everyone- isn’t there something we should be doing?
    Bud: You heard the man! Let’s scrub this baby down and give her a good powdering. [meaning the repair work on the station] (Fade to black.)
    Dr.Venture: Oh, sweet mercy, tell me these suits have a collection pouch.

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