10/22/20 – Pure Motivations

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 22, 2020.




Because, Aitana, when humans were built, they weren’t quite wired right.


  1. Yarrun

    I can see why Ciara would go after Dimitri and subsequently get bored of Dimitri. She has the same energy as Anesu but without the need to constantly put a barrier between her and the world. It’s the closest Dimitri would get to sleeping with himself.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Human beings have complexities to them. Some are evolutionary continuances — justice, for instance, seems to be a perception of offense against everybody down to the level of cats and dogs. We have language, which seems tied to the development of motor skills, which may just be a recent development of an older skillset — certainly we have seen chimpanzees use tools and even perform music. And then we have elephants and their representational art.

    One of the older skills we have is the perception of opportunity, whether that be for shelter, for food, for companionship, or more recently for self-improvement. We can perceive when one choice is better than another, and will struggle for it against others even of our own species. So far as we can tell, this behavior is older than single-celled organisms, which still practice choosing for an optimum result and got it from something even older and simpler than they.

    Striving for better has worked for Earth life since it came into existence, improving the life of the organism and thus its chances of surviving and producing offspring, whether by cellular division or exchange of genetic material doesn’t matter. In fact this skill has adapted time and again to very dramatic biological changes, whether from single-cell structure to more complex organisms, the invention of sex, and even the transition of the atmosphere from carbon dioxide to extremely caustic oxygen. And even more drastic changes.

    I can’t call this tendency ‘not wired right.’ As far as I can tell, it’s the essentialest part of living at all. If you’re not trying to do better, you’re sitting on your biological potential and every second you sit you’re wasting it, man. Life is built on minimizing risk, identifying goodly gain, and pursuing it to completion. Everything else is paperwork.

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