11/03/20 – Plan Of Action

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 3, 2020.




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The Zorillas seem to have a history of facing hard decisions, and trying to do the right thing. Well, except for Mr. Zorilla.


  1. Coyoty

    Technically, she’s a dog-head alien, too. And she’s kidnapped a bunch of humans. She should be worried the GOB cops don’t mistake her for the puppy people. And the puppy people should be worried they don’t mistake them for her.

  2. Erhannis

    Wait…waaaait… plot speculation, rot13: vf guvf nobhg gur Rro guvat, znlor? Vg’q cebivqr n zbgvir – ohg ba shegure gubhtug, gurer’f n jubyr ohapu bs fghss vg qbrfa’g rkcynva. Vg frrzrq yvxr gurl jrer gelvat gb sbyybj Abt’f “cebgbpby” – znlor gurl unir n ceboyrz arrqf svkrq, naq gurl’er whfg orvat ernyyl urnil-unaqrq nobhg vg?

  3. Pete Rogan

    Aitana’s reluctance aside, waiting for the Puppy-people ship to pass by will allow the “Starbanger” to slip inside in its wake, possibly concealing their presence until they’re inside the eight billion mile-diameter sphere. You can hide a LOT of things in that space. Even if large parts of it are inhabited. Which, strangely, I suspect is not the case.

    The Puppy-people have modern Galactic technology and seem reasonably gifted. If they have a problem with their Dyson sphere, it’s huge and possibly without solution. Any maneuver Stangor and Co. make after this point is going to expose them to tremendous danger and possibly an inescapable quandary. Par for the course for Nogg, but he’s not along, and I don’t think Stangor is up to Nogg’s standard no matter how well his seat fits her.

    Oh, and Erhannis: No.

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