11/30/20 – Get Out Of Here

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, November 30, 2020.




People whose brains are always going can be trouble if they have too much time without stimulation and get bored.


  1. Fnordius

    I just wanna state how I keep wanting to pronounce Ciara’s name with the Italian modal instead of the Irish. Gotta admit it’s a confusing homograph.

    It also doesn’t help that I know an Italian named Ciara (“it’s Kee-AH-ra”), and an American named Ciara (“it’s See-ERR-ah”).

    1. Peter Ware

      I would have though the Italian version would be Cha-ra but I’ve never studied or spoken Italian so don’t quote me. I’ve no idea how it would be pronounced as an Irish name.

      1. Fnordius

        Apparently there was some sort of shift in pronunciation in the Tuscany region, and thanks to Dante Alighieri that dialect became modern Italian. A lot of words that start with “chl” became “chi”, and some became just “ci”.

        For the record, Chiara also exists. It too is a variant on Clara.

        1. 0z79

          Otherwise known as “normal ship-to-ship combat.” Real Asteroids would be a fighter craft… actually, piloting a ship of that complexity with the few on hand is a testament to whatever civilization built it.

  2. Fnordius

    It could well be that what Stangor made perfect sense in her native tongue, but the concepts that are so clear and precise there get muddled when translated into Spanish, English and so on. For some reason, I feel minor errors in translation which begin to snowball are an underused tool.

  3. Pete Rogan

    Wait wait wait wait! If Ciara just stuffed Storage Bay 7 full of Gordik repellium, what’s to prevent quantum entanglement from keeping it from collapsing into a micro black hole in the hold? If the Puppy-people expect the removal of its special attractive property from just one atom to affect all those in the Calama Void, all eight billion miles of it, what’s to keep it from doing the same to the holdful of the stuff?

    I can’t figure out what would be worse here — a hold full of violently repellent matter just waiting for somebody to pinch off a flake that will then escape at relativistic speed, or a micro black hole finding its way to the nearest massive gravitational point — putting microscopic holes in the ship and anything else in its way (like living beings) as it hurtles toward the new Calama Black Hole.

    Unless it’s some living being that is the largest nearest mass point, in which case the micro black hole will settle into their innards and, over time, slowly absorb the rest of the unfortunate formerly-living being. And go looking for another. Well, all right, ‘falling’ toward the next nearest mass point.

    But all options from here are not just bad, but have continuing consequences even if “Spacetrawler” has by chance a micro black hole containment device. Then the inevitable is postponed as long as that device works.

    Ciara, what have you done?

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