12/24/20 – Eeeeeee! Our Ship!

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 24, 2020.




I’ve been pretty quiet about the holidays this year, and I don’t have a holiday comic for you. It’s just been a full year, and I feel stretched thin. So, I’m going to enjoy some fudge and cheesecake and pinwheel cookies and relax and be warm and work on enjoying myself. I hope you do too. Thank you all for continuing on this journey of comics with me. xo-Christopher


      1. Muzhik

        Is that the one that ends with the getaway bus teetering on the edge of a cliff after almost sliding off the road? If so, then I DEFINITELY prefer the remake with Charlize Theron and those other guys.

  1. Tom W

    You give us a holiday all year round, Christopher. Please do relax and enjoy yourself! I don’t think I am speaking just for myself when I say that I am most appreciative of your wonderful creativity that you share with us.

  2. Efogoto

    Not only did they find the weaknesses in the stone, but they found a weakness in the ship with no extra effort. Now, of course, Stangor and crew will need to pay for
    the repairs to patch that pre-existing weakness.

  3. Rikard

    Merry Yuletide! It is the time to celebrate in the face of winter and awaken Freja so that she returns sun and life to us. Eat, drink, make merry and be like a brother to your fellow man.

  4. Kaidah

    The GOB Spacetrawler destroyed? It’s the end of an era. Overzealous miners and a liberal application of low grade explosives finally accomplished what Nogg’s incompetence could not.

  5. Pete Roullard

    Hey Christopher! Thanks for the fudge! I will surely cook up a batch really soon as I did buy the ingredients several weeks ago as part of my pre-second-shutdown-preparation shopping.

    Happy Holidays to all!

    Best Regards,
    Pete Roullard

  6. Muzhik

    Christopher! Happy Yuletide! (or is that “youlltide”? Kind of a warning?)

    Anyway, don’t know if you caught my message on yesterday’s strip, but I found your recipe for penuche! Thanks for having posted it on Cookrookery, and wishing you happiness and freedom from Type II diabetes in the New Year!

      1. TB

        You need to dig up at least the Jimmy Stewart version.

        They build an actual aircraft of the “kludge” Phoenix, which successfully flew, but at one point in the filming crashed, killing the stunt pilot. You can find it on YouTube online.

        1. Gregg Eshelman

          But the real flying “Tallmanx P1” didn’t contain a single C82 Packet part though it was cobbled together from various aircraft parts onto a custom built fuselage made to sort of resemble a C82 tail boom. Another airplane used for static shots and the engine startup scene was built from C82 parts.

          For the remake the plane was a C113, the successor to the C82. A plane was cobbled together from C113 parts and was pushed along the ground by an old Top Fuel dragster attached underneath and hidden with CGI. While it may have been capable of flying, the production didn’t want to go through the hassle with the insurance and FAA. The remake had its own accidents. A cameraman got both legs broken when a large model plane came off its track and smashed into him. A C113 fuselage had to be retrieved from a river when the barge transporting it sank, and a camera truck was backed into the wing of the “hero” C113 after its part in filming was done. Repairs had to be made so it could be flown back to the USA.

  7. Pete Rogan

    Have a merry and restful holiday, Christopher. And thanks for all the cartoons over the year past, and many more.

    Oh, and remind me never to ask Halleesh to blow a stump off my property, or any other property within fifty kilometers.

  8. Hades

    “It’s just a flesh wound!”

    Merry Christmas one and all, and thanks Chris for feeding us a steady diet of high quality sci-fi comedy all year. The planet is going to hell in a hand basket, but at least we can hop on the good ship Spacetrawler and escape for a little bit.

    Or we could… :q

  9. KQY

    ‘You use enough dynamite there, Butch?’

    Also, I am surprised no one mentioned Duct Tape in a reply. You know, that is the magical Force in Star Wars: It has a Light Side and a Dark Side and it Binds The Galaxy Together. 😉

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