02/10/21 – Where Now

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 10, 2021.





When I bought my car, someone convinced me to name it. I don’t even remember who. So I looked up the name of king Arthur’s horse. Of course “Llamrei” soon became “Lamry the Camry.” I decided to celebrate this $3k faithful beast after 70k miles with a vanity plate.

I know it’s a frivolous thing, but I don’t do many frivolous things, and it makes me smile so hard.

Also, I guess New Mexico owns new now. 🙂


  1. Muzhik

    Symbiont’s line about, “Big words, fleshy boy” reminded me SO much of a line from “Schlock Mercenary”, where Sergent Schlock, who is a carbosilcate amorph (meaning he has no bones — he’s just a big blob frequently mistaken for a … ahem … large piece of animal waste) is stopped by a LEO for jumping off a walkway and landing 30 feet down with no ill effects. After some grilling by the LEO and being told his diplomatic immunity wouldn’t keep gravity from hurting him, Schlock moves off saying, “You boney types take gravity really personally.”

  2. Pete Rogan

    Frivolous though it may be, I have named my vehicles for years, starting with a sunburned silver Charger with fake plastic air scoops announcing its 2.2 liter engine. That made it a thunderchicken — looked like thunder, ran like a chicken. So I named it the Silver Pullet.

    From there I went through the I-class series of vehicles: Integrity, Independence and Indomitable, each a characteristic I wanted to acquire and champion. I made a keychain for Independence because, with that name in 1-cm letters, it was practically impossible to forget or lose.

    Now I have begun the E-series of vehicles, starting with Enterprise — not the ship, but the idea of organization with purpose. Future E-class vehicles will be Excalibur (again Arthurian legend) and Excelsior (homage to both Whitman and Longfellow, en passant Stan Lee) — should I last so long. Indomitable was the first vehicle I had with synthetic oil, and I kept it 26 years. Now automakers are switching to synthetic oil, and my vehicles will last longer. I was told with Indomitable that I’d get tired of looking at it before it wore out, and so it was. The race is on!

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