03/29/21 – Book 9 Chapter 10 — Neutron Stardust

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 29, 2021.



I finally got to inking it and coloring it almost 12 months later. I’ll leave the sketched version below.



WEEK TWO OF —- Presented here is the final scripts for this week, but with only rough thumbnail sketches. Apologies. I have this huge animation job due April 1st, and what with the house buying (Monday is the day I remove half the roof before the roofers arrive) and this and that, I’m behind schedule. I will do final drawings for these in April.


  1. Autoskip

    Look, I won’t say I haven’t noticed hit in image quality, but please stop apologising for making us put up with unfinished comics that are better than my finished comics. I’d have happily read this just as avidly if Spacetrawler had always been like this (maybe with properly black lines though)

  2. Pete Rogan

    You’re tearing off half the roof, working on an animation project due this Thursday, AND still putting up Spacetrawler sketches??

    Oof. Just reading about it makes me want to lie down and catch my breath.

    I’m dreadfully envious, but I’ll live. Rock on, Christopher, rock on. I’ll speculate on Emily’s take on the stribs in a fuller time. Oh, did I say that??

  3. Kat

    Hey Christopher, as someone with a chronic illness that makes doing two loads of laundry on the same day a monumental and exhausting accomplishment, I think you can cut yourself a little slack about how much stuff you’ve got going on.

    You’ve always been such a hard worker and hold yourself to a very high standard, but none of us are judging you and we appreciate that you’re a human being who can’t do all the things all the time. Personally, I’d rather see you take a complete hiatus than burning out and/or hurting yourself. The most important thing for you to take care of is you.

    I’ve been reading–and LOVING– your comics since the first year of Little Dee, and I’m not going anywhere! <3

  4. Meran

    I love how Symbiote (is that what he’s being called? ) perches mostly on a shoulder. It’s like the little devil on one shoulder whispering in his ear. With an angel on the other shoulder more-than-nudging with Perfect Words guiding him down the “right” path.

    So. I see this coming: a head on each shoulder, making him feel a bit schizophrenic. Maybe even sounding like one.

    That would be funny, SO funny, like he’d need that potty-bot to still be in public.

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