05/10/21 – NS’s Elite Squad

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, May 10, 2021.





  1. Efogoto

    Zakzar said that Diller’s luck is a bottomless reservoir, yet it seems to be in her bottom.

    And I’ve just realized that Diller:Spacetrawler::Teela Brown:Ringworld!

  2. Jude

    Despite a different galaxy, various intelligent species and vastly superior technology, it’s nice to see gunfights haven’t advanced beyond a typical shootout at the OK corral. 😀

    1. 0z79

      It’s not a different galaxy, though. This all takes place in the Milky Way. It’s OK, that’s a common mistake. People think that interplanetary means interstellar, and interstellar means intergalactic. No idea why.

  3. irisclara

    Has anyone mentioned that Neutron Stardust sounds like a Berlin nightclub where you would go to hang out with David Bowie and his friends Lou Reed and Nico?

    It does.

  4. Pete Rogan

    A galactic retirement planet has an Authority that has an Elite Squad??

    I’d ask who’s paying for this but I can just imagine the contract the retirees were required to sign. Can you say, ‘total asset transfer?’ THEY can.

    Which makes the capture of Ciara and crew a sensible expansion policy, when you think of it. Here’s to a successfully getaway.

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