07/14/21 – Lending a Hand

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 14, 2021.




It’s always a good social practice to insert one’s foot in one’s mouth before leaving.


  1. Nomi

    As I began reading this page, I thought there was going to be a plot element where Chiphu goes around making friends of different species and generally impressing them as a Nice Guy, as with [see-through blobby alien whose name I forget], and then this would Save the Day later. But… maybe not.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Strike two in interplanetary relations. Not waiting for the third pitch. Probably all for the better.

    Though I’m curious to know how and why Bouk and Inar came to meet, and why they moved to this planet, and whether there’s another reason Bouk has for not leaving. There’s more here than meets the eye, but alas, Chiphu is not socially adept enough to know how to learn to find answers. Just as well.

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