08/23/21 – Superstitions

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 23, 2021.




BTW, last week I posted FOUR strips, but this week will go back to the new-normal THREE (Mon, Wed, Fri).


  1. someone

    How do you win against an opponent that is clever, ruthless, and more technologically advanced than you? Simple, you use their horrible social dynamics against them so they self-destruct.

    I guess there’s gonna be a lot more morons who won’t be no great loss until the Strib ship no longer has enough crew to operate.

    1. tlhonmey

      Obviously they’re not *all* anti-social psychopaths, that’s just the ones who are in charge.

      Besides, Resperazzi got taken out by a sneeze… So maybe they’re right about it being no great loss.

  2. Pete Rogan

    A more dangerous and Galaxy-threatening race would be difficult to imagine, however they came about and however they got their technology. Qwahntoo’s a sweetheart next to this pack of spacegoing hyenas.

    That being said… I’ve been contemplating Ruddock’s known motivations for the reason he went aboard the Strib ship instead of getting rescued. A) Find food. Not really a choice here, unless the Stribs have different kinds of food synthesis that might be superior. B) Join a pack and increase their genetic diversity. Ruddock’s not bothered to even ask his approxiscan collar what the likelihood for viable offspring would be between coyotes and Stribs, so this seems equally unlikely.


    C) He’s acting in defense of his pack. Which may mean he’s looking for weaknesses or vulnerabilities not already apparent, or…

    Well, no. I’ve done this before and you’d think I’d learn by now. I’ll just say there’s an alternative objective Ruddock could be pursuing, though the nature of it and its effect are unknown to him and probably will be unknown even when he finds it. If he finds it. But he’s gonna let his instincts rule his decisionmaking in that case and I have learned to trust him in that sense. They’ve kept his species alive for millennia; no reason they wouldn’t do the same here. Whatever they tell him to do. On whatever.

  3. Rikard

    A meeting between the Stribs and some unfettered Eebs would be hilarious.

    Viewed from the next star system over, of course.

    Completely unrelated, Strib is a village in Denmark.

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