10/08/21 – You’re Too Late

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 8, 2021.




I built a backdoor awning today. My body is so sore. Yeek.


  1. Steven

    Chris, You’re just a young pup! We’re in a similar situation with our renos but we’re ancient, decrepit even. But… when we’re all done it will be worth it, won’t it? Won’t it???

  2. Pete Rogan

    I used to do exterior trim refurbishing, up on a ladder reaching up and working all day. You know you’re earned it when it hurts just to put your arms down. Good work, Christopher.

    Well, so much for negotiations. But Delly and Prang strike me as the types who, no matter how hard you scrape them against the curb, don’t come off your shoes. Prepare for ankle-biting. A good set of steel puttees will help with that. And very likely the Stribs, too. I await with delight the way Delly and Prang will try to ingratiate themselves with the Stribs. It will be funny but brief. Mercifully brief.

  3. Demarquis

    Someone needs to explain to these two the cost/benefit breakdown of strong, long term relationships to people you can always trust to protect your interests, regardless of profit or loss to themselves.

    It’s a pretty good deal, family.

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