02/28/2022 – Nogg is Telling

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 28, 2022.



Does Krep even HAVE lips?

So, my life has been undergoing change recently. Cedra and I broke up a little over a month ago (she has remained with the house, and I have moved to Madrid, NM for now). My heart hurts, but I’m doing okay. I’ve been keeping up with work, it actually gives me something to funnel my time into. But, please excuse me if I’m a little more scattered than normal or forget and update late or such.




  1. Flyswatter

    This part of life’s journey is among the most difficult to travel, but your particular experience seems to be very well measured and mature one. I’m sure we all wish you the best as we always do.

  2. Louise

    Thinking of you as you travel this path. Even though many of us walk it, it’s impossible to follow any directions but our own. I hope you avoid the most painful of the rocks in the road.

  3. Kaidah

    Even though we all walk this world together, not everyone walks the same path. Some converge with ours for a time and then, regrettably, branch away again. We all experience it, and while no one goes through it quite the same, we all understand the struggle and the hurt. It will be rough, for both of you, but the important thing to remember is that you’re not alone. And for what it’s worth, you’ll always have us here to support you as well.

  4. Feasible

    Wishing the best for you Chris through this rough patch. If you’re ever in the Dallas Texas area, reach out and you have a friend here. We’d love to have you and you can sit with us on the back porch and enjoy a beverage and good company. Even a fire if the weather permits.

  5. walterw

    i literally said “oh no!” out loud upon reading the news

    advice from strangers is worthless, and online advice is less than worthless (as in possibly actively harmful) but my first reaction is to say don’t pretend to “still be friends” right now, it probably isn’t genuine and might be covering up the actual feelings

    if everybody is a grownup and there’s mutual respect then that can happen eventually but don’t rush it to the point of faking it

  6. Night-Gaunt

    One of those “bumps” in the road I read about. Sorry it happened to you. Glad it was on good terms.

    Just be glad for the good memories as Dr. Theodor Geissel has said.

    Be well Chris.

  7. Pete Rogan

    I’m very late (another story not pertinent here) but I share sympathy and solace with you, Christopher. Endings are never as much fun as beginnings, and often bring other dramas with them, often not very welcome.

    Here’s to comfort and joy in proper measure to you, when you’re ready for them. And I like the smile you have on in the last panel. Says it all.

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