03/16/22 – Help From The Sky

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 16, 2022.




Hahahahaha! And so things begin to shift.


  1. Fnordius

    Ooh, classic science fiction element! The Big Bad is revealed to be a child, or a pet, or some other ward of the Deus Ex Machina that appears just in time to save the protagonists. See “Charlie X” and “The Squire of Gothos” for typical appearances.

  2. Timothy Eisele

    Incidentally, given that calling something “dung” is pretty bad, how much worse is it to specify “Lewarkin dung”? Just how noxious _is_ the excrement of Lewarkins?

  3. rws

    Kaidah may have come closest to calling it. I don’t see how an adult Keebrick could come this close to ships without sucking them in though.

    So it’s something else, or Keebrick’s learn some tricks when they grow up.

  4. Fnordius

    Oh, a shout out to Chris getting the idea of an extradimensional gate right, that it’s a sphere and not a circle. Extradimensional gates *should* be hard to comprehend in our three dimensions.

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