03/25/22 – Sorting It Out

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 25, 2022.




Ah, why do jerks always revert to “good faith arguments” when everything else from their mouths is in total bad faith? (at least it’s funny to use in a comic)


  1. Pete Rogan

    We don’t know that the Stribs are bad at parenting. They simply don’t want to do it. Which should tell you that the Stribs put a higher value on cheating other races out of their technology and skills than bringing a new generation along.

    Ordinarily this is a self-correcting problem. At some point the last two Stribs capable of breeding would look at each other, say ‘Meh’ and go back to their latest swindle. Maybe convincing other races to be surgically modified into Stribs, with the same attitude problem.

    But the Stribs apparently don’t mind having children so long as they don’t impose any limit on what the parents are doing, or who they’re doing. This speaks of a bigger problem, the wholesale evasion of responsibility, at the expense of whoever else they can compel into doing the work. What used to be a self-limiting genetic trait thus becomes a danger to every other species they come across. A Galaxy-sized problem.

    And only our heroes to stop them. Without the benefit of the stolen shields. I don’t suppose anybody’s considered that the shield-penetrating missiles don’t need to be saved for use against shields now? Whatever else happens next, it promises to be messy.


    No. No, I won’t do it again, and I almost did. I’m having a lemonade with bicarb and shall await Monday’s confrontation with bated (if somewhat foamy) breath.

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