04/11/22 – Initial Sample

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 11, 2022.




See? They’re not EVIL, they only have a different point of view. 😉


  1. tlhonmey

    Hey, at least the Stribs are out having fun… I know quite a few couples where both parents work their butts off just to spend 90% of one salary on childcare and the remaining 10% on commuting expenses and prepared meals…

      1. Flying Squirrel

        Mom, dad, why don’t you move from SoCal to up here in Bismarck so, uh, so we can take care of you when you get old? Hey, btw, Mary’s preggers! Hey, um, you like dogs, right?

  2. Night-Gaunt

    I wonder how many species they have gone through, how many deaths and disrupted lives they have caused?

    I do find their reasoning based upon their psychology is fascinating.

    They act very much like organized children.

  3. Pete Rogan

    It’s fun to get into the heads of the aliens and see their motivations from their side, isn’t it? I’d enjoy it more if I didn’t think of eight or more families who had members disappear without a trace and are plaguing the police and every chat board they can find with pictures and descriptions of their lost.

    Plus the — what was the number? — two hundred thousand other families devastated by these floppy-eared big-eyed schnooks.

    I can appreciate a sympathetic view only so long, but if I contemplate the Stribs for too long I start looking around for weapons. How many human habitations did they crush in the process of collecting their initial ‘sample?’

    Anticipating more of the same, I’m making myself a bitter lemon cocktail to fortify myself for the appalling scenes to come. There are some things even Atomic Fireballs can’t cure, you know.

      1. Keith

        Yes and don’t forget the flyers…there’s always the sub 10% who nature/nurture just doesn’t apply. Predators that refuse some prey, Herbivores with a taste for certain meat.

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