04/29/22 – An Unreachable Place

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 29, 2022.




It’s okay Chiphu, an honest misunderstanding.


  1. Pete Rogan

    War? The three surviving yellow-bellied wusses want war?

    In terms of intellect and imagination they’re already hopelessly outgunned. And Dunning-Kruger affected not to be able to realize that.

    The real question is: Who is going to go after who? The Stribs don’t seem to be bright enough to remember the last time they went intruder hunting or the result. Therefore it could well be they who stumble out and into whatever well-prepared booby trap the humans have for them.

    Which leads to the second real question, which is: How do the humans secure the Stribs for interrogation and later rubbing their snouts into some dark-planet justice?

    My brain spins with possibilities and with that, I think I better go lie down with a strong, sharp lemonade to think on it and moan and giggle just a little. Oh, this will be fun!

  2. Jude

    I feel like I lost a day. Didn’t realise the newest Spacetrawler was already posted

    A major hurtle the Stribs will have to deal with if they get rid of the humans is: Who’s going to feed the Stribs babies and change those endless nappies??!! The three remaining Stribs would be working non-stop looking after them. Science Dog let’s us know that their babies are still the main priority. The Stribs’ time would be better spent figuring out a hypno-drug to flood their quarters with than eliminating the humans. Maybe Hypno Toad would work if they can learn more.

      1. Pete Rogan

        The Stribs don’t seem to have a very good concept of internal security. Or Ruddock would not have been able to dissolve the entire dayshift on the ship with one sneeze.

        They’ve also shown little tolerance for other life-forms, which is why I think Captain Livvie’s threat of a ‘menagerie of attack beasts’ is so much blather. I mean, they stole tens of thousands of humans to raise their kids. I can’t see them being able to take care of so much as a canary in their possession.

        Or, for that matter…. a mouse.

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