07/15/22 – Playing Cards

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 15, 2022.




Wingship ho!


  1. piratep2r

    How has no one commented that of the 4 card players, *half* are clearly incapable of holding cards?!? And yet Chris has has handled this hilariously as usual, with the over the “shoulder” shot for one, and plain magic for the other. Chris, your comic rocks, and I hope you giggled to yourself while drawing this one!

  2. Sears Poncho

    My month-long binge-read ends with Stangor and me both saying the same thing: “CURSES!”

    Hope you get well soon, Christopher! I got COVID for my birthday back in January, it was a month before I recovered.

    PS: You have the best comments section. I come for the comics and stay for the afterparty.

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