07/25/22 – The Relevant Factors

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 25, 2022.




I remembered the mice! (there are SOOOOO many strips I’m going to have to go back into to put them in)


  1. Pete Roullard

    Third Sign of Aging: Forgetting

    The third sign of aging is forgetting things. Do you know what the first two signs are? No? Well, don’t feel bad, I can’t remember them either.

    1. Muzhik

      Gotta be careful, then, or he might have mice just hanging in mid-air or popping half in and half out of Nogg’s dorsal fin-equivelant.

      (I’m thinking of some of those classic gems from computer games of years gone by.)

      1. TB

        No problem. As I understand it, in this particular strip, CG images are used for inking reference, not as a final image. A bad image artifact just won’t get inked.

        Of course, it’s possible by now that Chris has taught his computer to create final images with imperfect “inked” lines.

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