09/26/22 – Things To Be Irate About

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, September 26, 2022.




After doing research on various Irish desserts, I now want THEM ALL.


    1. Jude

      Carrageen moss is just a type of seaweed. Using it does’t seem strange to me since carrageen is used as a thickener in many foods – ice cream being one of them. It’s a bit like a vegetable gelatin. I use agar in cooking to thicken some foods and it comes from a type of red algae or seaweed. Both carrageen and agar is used to gel foods and is tasteless.

      I don’t know if the pudding Christopher ate tasted a bit salty or not but it’s basically just a custard that can be flavoured with vanilla, lemon or orange zest or whatever you like.

  1. Pete Rogan

    In Japan, they’re called “sea vegetables.”

    In America…. seaweed.

    I’d much rather have the Japanese linguistic approach to food. I’ve had it under both names, but I can tell you I far prefer aja to horse mackerel.

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