12/09/22 – Not Over Yet

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 9, 2022.




All well that ends well? or something like that?


    1. Quazer

      I think Tesfay was speaking to himself in the first panel. Also, the weapon fired in this comic is not the same weapon they were hit by two comics ago. We have no solid information on Symbiont’s condition yet, unfortunately.

  1. someone

    I don’t know about “not killing anyone today”, some of the falls could have broken necks or the anatomical equivalent.

    Also if that smoke in the last panel is rising from Blue Meanie’s body, then it might not have been “stun” actually.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Let’s just say, When the shooting stops, it’s time to look around and figure out an exit strategy.

    Remember the words of Dr. Manhattan: “‘In the end?’ Nothing really ends, Adrian.”

  3. Dr. Moosen McMoose, Chief Spymooster of the Moosad

    I like it when space opera sci-fi portrays humans as a physically capable species. So many take the road of humans = weaker than most aliens.

  4. Muzhik

    Now that Symbiont has backed into “shirt” mode (Sleeping? Healing?), Tesfay needs to get himself to the nearest Puceberry Muffin Bar and start eating quickly, if not gorging. The Symbiont doesn’t seem to need to consume calories itself, which means Tesfay needs to “eat for two,” as the case may be.

  5. Prior Semblance

    I’m surprised I’m the only person who seems to have considered the idea that the symbiont is faking just to see what tesfay would do. It’s probably not the case but it would totally fit with how the symbiont acts.

    1. Jude

      When I read this episode, there were only a few comments and yours wasn’t around. I too wondered if the Symbiont was faking, especially considering the way his tongue was hanging out when hit. Perhaps he judged Tesfay to have matured enough (overcome his previous hesitancy) and withdraw his help. It would prove to Tesfay that he can really do it alone.

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