03/01/23 – Nose Number Three

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 1, 2023.




Aitana getting right down to the most important casualty during a forest fire.


      1. lil sis

        I’ve got a nose that’s long and thin
        It’s like a pencil on my face, it’s my trademark grin
        I love to smell the roses, and the salty ocean breeze
        My nose is always working hard, it’s a part of me

        A little bit of sniffling all day long
        A little bit of sneezing when pollen comes along
        A little bit of twitching when something doesn’t smell right
        My nose is always active, it’s my sense of delight

        I’ve got a nose that’s round and wide
        It’s like a button on my face, it’s my pride and joy inside
        I love to smell the coffee, and the freshly baked bread
        My nose is always on the job, it’s my little friend

        A little bit of itching when I have a cold
        A little bit of blowing when I can’t take the mold
        A little bit of pinching when it’s too cold outside
        My nose is always there, it’s my sense of pride

        I never knew how much I needed my nose
        Until I lost it for a while, and my senses froze
        Now I appreciate every little smell
        And my nose is my best friend, it serves me well

        A little bit of snoring when I’m fast asleep
        A little bit of wiggling when it’s hard to keep
        A little bit of flaring when I’m feeling intense
        My nose is always there, it’s my sense of defense

        So if you ever see me, don’t forget to say hi
        And give a little nod to my nose, it’s the reason why
        I can smell the flowers, and the freshly cut grass
        My nose is always with me, it’s my sense of class.

        Brought to you by ChatGPT!


    In the end, that medi-bot managed to make a better job on Chiphu’s nose that whichever handled Emily’s fingers.
    Unless Emily insisted for her replacement fingers to show contrast?

    1. @Vincent, they did! But not as good as your first impression (after trying a few variations on his “fixed” nose, I forgot to do any at all. But I just went back in and it is now slightly discolored) (In my comics I like trying to have violence have consequences, and suffering to have scars).

  2. Pete Rogan

    Can’t help but hear Lennon-McCartney handling that last line of Aitana’s together:

    “Charcoal s’mores forever.
    Charcoal s’mores forever;
    Charcoal s’MORES forEVAH.’

    [Guitar outtro with sound bits]

  3. Pete

    Sorry if this has already been brought up–just getting up to speed, sometimes just skim the comments–but I have a question and a theory. Why is a moon of Gentlekindness called Randoor-2? Shouldn’t Randoor-2 be a moon of Randoor? My theory is that Gentlekindness is in fact Randoor; the Stribs just changed the name for marketing purposes, but never got round to changing the moons, or perhaps don’t have the jurisdiction.

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