03/06/23 – The Quiet Before

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 6, 2023.




By the looks on Tesfay’s face, it was more like the quiet before the scorn.


  1. Rikard

    Well, are sure you want to be able to hear the engines on a physics-breaking spaceship?
    Or worse, the ship’s computer playing space-muzak all the time?
    “Your bioscan indicate stress. Let me play something soothing, like ‘The Mirrgoot from Ipanema’ on nose-flute and kazoo”.

  2. Pete Rogan

    Speaking of game-mastering….

    My science fiction RPG takes place in a world not much unlike our own where you can buy and sell used spaceplanes. My players have found out that there are criminals trying to get into the business, unscrupulous megacorps trying to buy or cheat them out of their business, and uncertain and shady customers with different ideas about how their business should operate. They’ve learned much.

    And I’ve learned that there’s little difference between business and war, especially as experienced by the poor schmucks on the front lines. Both are marked by days or weeks of boredom and inactivity, followed by moments if not minutes of sheer terror.

    I sense that here. Which is why my fingers are still sinking more deeply into the chair arms. I’m too aware that the calm precedes not the storm, but the roof coming off in the wind. I hear the whistling now. And I’m succumbing to cringe fatigue.

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