03/29/23 – Prepare To Die

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, March 29, 2023.




Sometimes nature isn’t pretty. But still, I apologize that this is a bit horrific. I didn’t really think this far ahead when I planned this way-back-when.


    1. someone

      If she barfs out Science soon, then the Strib would survive, just with bad acid burns, but then again with the tech level at their disposal it’s fixable. It might have been enough to just eat the gun, really.

      As for whether Science will be die-gested until even his skeleton is jelly, or just captured, I give it even odds. Spacetrawler isn’t shy about killing off characters, though it usually avoids graphic deaths — like with the zap guns, people just get turned into colored bubbles, it’s rather clean. Horrible deaths such as being chemically burned by acids is not something that happens on panel. Like, we can see an entire planet being incinerated (happened a few times in the first series) because it’s waaaay zoomed out so it becomes kind of abstract instead of visceral.

      1. Nemo

        Too many eyes would ruin the transparency. (Assume that the transparency is adaptive — hiding from predators / prey — and thus, conserved.)

        Evidently, most of a Darnitawl’s bodily functions can be performed by transparent organs. (This is plausible. Some Earth animals are transparent.) But to have sharp, detailed vision, the eye needs to work something like a pinhole camera (like our own eyes), which means it needs to be mostly opaque (at least in whatever the Darnitawl regards as the visible spectrum).

        The Darnitawl could possibly benefit from a second eye, for stereoscopic vision. But, that’s probably unlikely to arise in a being that doesn’t have an ancestral heritage of bilateral symmetry to start with — as, indeed, it appears the Darnitawl may not (note the irregular bumps).

  1. bulldust

    I have two possible endings and this is half of one of them.

    The Blob lover returns, rescues them and sees Chiptu with his partner. A Threesome ensumes and the threesome becomes 1!

    Noag see a ship running from the Battlefield. They decide to pursue, they see the forcefield being raised and decide to fire on the location thinking it’s a threat.

  2. Andreas

    The funny thing is, if you explain what is going on, this page is graphic pornography.

    Don’t tell the Floridians.

    Also, don’t tell them what pollen is. They’d hate to know they were inhaling tree jizz.

  3. Flyswatter

    “But still, I apologize that this is a bit horrific.” Perhaps it’s wrong of me, but I’d be tickled to see Alkyine in the multiple panels over the next few weeks with ever increasing dissolved versions of Science.

  4. Pete Rogan

    Alkyine to the rescue! And I hope Science finds her completely absorbing.

    That said… I remember too well the cost of violating the rule of Equeelin, and… I think I’ll just shut up now. Where’s my Milk Duds???

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