04/14/23 – Leb’s Request

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, April 14, 2023.




Yay! The mice get their dream come true. 🙂


    1. TB

      I don’t know. This is a very weird biological plague, because the mice technically aren’t biological. I don’t think they need to eat. They must be manufactured by technology. Also, they’re intelligent. They might end up being Mostly Harmless.

  1. Pete Rogan

    All’s well that ends swell, I guess.

    As to the future… it can take care of itself, as we have seen, whether we want it to turn out that way or not. Our concern should be with ourselves, and not being so obnoxious that some other species (or the GOB itself!) decides we’d be better off Stribbed.

    That said… there was still a battle to resolve, a number of humans to rescue, and, unless I miss my guess, at least one battered romance that needs revitalization. It ain’t over yet.

    So I’m off for more popcorn and a lemonade big enough to have a springboard. We’ll be back following this brief intermission.

  2. dowerhag

    I notice that Ruddock didn’t make the mice collectively or that specific mouse *the captain*. He retained captaincy, they’ll just… be acting in loco parentis, for lack of a better term. I wonder if that means we’ll see either of them again… or if that’ll cause problems when and if Ruddock kicks it.

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