06/09/23 – Nogg’s Needs

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 9, 2023.




Or, as they’d say in Peanuts, “happiness is a warm coyote.”


  1. Meran

    Does this mean a new kickstarter is coming soon?

    With another Spacetrawler chapter?

    I miss SO many people! Maybe they all gather inside a ship for a reunion and something spaceborn comes on, swallows them all, and Bikkie (who was out because of finding a female stronger than him; he feels he must settle down, raise a family…).. Anyway, Biggie hears, comes looking, and, lo and behold!

    He saves the universe (and all our Spacetrawler folks).

    Blood may also spill. Just a little.

  2. nunya

    1) A friend had a dog (back in Arizona) who they said was half coyote. He was a loving sweetie, and the sneakiest “dog” I have ever seen. He even knew how to “low crawl” to sneak past people.
    Is the fact that an egg shaped alien is named “Nogg” a pun, or just unintentional coincidence?
    Egg Nogg.

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