06/16/23 – And So It Goes




The strip explains the situation. I was supposed to be home Tuesday with plenty of time to draw Spacetrawler (and I didn’t bring my laptop, this was uploaded via my phone). Please excuse my rather stuck position (and for not being further ahead).


  1. Jude

    Chris, you’ve been amazingly regular without any long hiatus like most webcomic artists have. I had the same situation happen to me years back when I knew little of engines. Oil must’ve leaked out suddenly driving down the highway. You never need to apologize. You don’t go the extra mile in your work but an extra 100 miles!

  2. K bine

    Hey Chris, I’m sorry that your car is broken. Could you post your Patreon or Topatoco or “support an artist” info? It’s been a long time since I bought your artwork. The Little Dee print is framed and hanging where I see it multiple times a day.

  3. Grizzly

    There are stretches in life where it begins to feel like we are in a Coen brothers story or Wes Anderson epic or even The Odyssey: It is just one durn thing after another. This too shall pass.

  4. Given how productive you usually are, a hiccup in your output ain’t no sin.

    I am certainly not one to judge, having a cartoon still on my iPad begging me to post it.
    “You’re not ready.”
    “Yes, I am! You just don’t believe in me!”
    “Hey, now, I believe in you. You just…. Need a little more work.”
    “It’s not fair! I hate you!” (Runs, slams bedroom door, much weeping.)

  5. Pete Rogan

    I can sympathize. Long story nipped: I was on my way to the State Police to turn in my publisher for embezzlement when my timing belt broke in the middle of a five-lane highway. I was lucky my car had a so-called ‘non-interference’ engine, where the valves do not intersect the space the cylinders occupy in the next millisecond. I could have been out an engine as well had that happened. But since I was in the process of putting myself out of a job…

    1. Pete Rogan

      Or maybe not. A lost drainplug puts the blame on the repair center, whether dealership or private repair shop. If you can demonstrate that to the judge, you can collect from them the cost of a new engine. It would be their fault. You’d need another mechanic to substantiate what happened, of course.

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