06/30/23 – A Boon

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, June 30, 2023.




Once a word sounds silly in my head, it’s hard to make it make any sense any more.


  1. p0indexterous

    I guess you never mishear(?) a word with a translator chip.
    Or never wonder what the words are from a song someone is singing.
    Is it possible to be deaf with one?
    I’m glad I don’t have one. If I had one, “poof” there goes half of the excuses I give to my wife on why I didn’t do something she asked me to do.

  2. Schismatism

    What was once a boon has become a boon_doggle_! Is she concerned she might be hornswaggled? Worried he might give her the flim-flam, the razamatazz, the old timblerig?

    1. nightgaunt

      Until they learn chemistry then back to rockets and guns and grenades. The Chinese were first at it and also to mechanical robotic devices too. imagen a rocket weapon that carries missiles on it and fires them off. not a future weapon.

  3. Fnordius

    IIRC, (and I have been known to have crappy memory), Chipu is from Bhutan. So that little bit of sarcasm there might have come from growing up in a monarchy. Even “boon” may come from old speech habits when addressing a government official, the sort of formal speech some places use.

    Actually, Bhutan’s a pretty interesting place when you start to read about it. I’m going to go down that rabbit hole for a bit.

  4. Libby

    I’ve been struggling with “investigator”… it just doesn’t sound right to me. And I listen to a LOT of true crime podcasts as I go to sleep so I hear it all the time.

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