Spacetrawler Merch

There is currently nothing available for sale at the store. Please consider purchasing prints or originals of the page artwork.


  1. Oh, yes! I definitely want that shirt!
    Wait, you need to pay upfront?
    *picks up phone*
    “This is your bank”
    “Yes, when will I be able to make internet purchases?”
    “Late August at the earliest”
    “What? Why you little–”
    “Sir, I must remind you that rudeness is grounds for account cancellation”
    “–helper, I am so grateful for this information.”
    “Your welcome, sir. Have a nice day.”

    *looks back at shirts*
    er…why are the colors for men and women different?

  2. Christopher

    Hey Frank, I’ll email you about the first bit in a moment. As far as colors, each style of shirt has a limited (and not always congruous) color selection. I did the best with what was there. 🙂

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