08/03/11 Dal’s Sad Story


As you can see above, I’ll be in Albuquerque this weekend at the SciFi Expo. (along with Cordelia from Buffy, Chekov from Star Trek, and Darth Maul from Star Wars, among others.) So come on by and say hello. 🙂

THE SHIRTS: I only received a couple more orders for the shirt. But I’m going to go ahead and print it, but I will ONLY be printing what shirts are ordered (since there’s simply not demand enough to keep back-stock). So, if you want a Purfin-M32, ORDER-IT-TODAY (Wednesday). I’ll be putting in the print order tomorrow, and that’ll be it!

In news, there’s a nice article on Webcomics in the Boston Globe today, featuring Topatoco‘s very own Jeffrey Rowland, plus Jeph Jacques, Richard Stevens, Andrew Hussie, Michael Terracciano, and KC Green.


  1. Leland

    I forgot who mentioned it a little while back, but they were right:

    Eventually the GOB is going to learn that Dmitri is “stun-proof” and they’re going to see if he’s “kill-proof”.

  2. Thomas S

    you would .. but the crew is not exactly all there – they are being lead by a sheltered 25 year old equadorian lass … about the only one with any sense is the one who wants to return back to being a 2.6 tonne 8 legged cyber-spider. Or is holding a case full of their genetic material and is just looking for a place to rest a test tube or two for a little while …

  3. Kathleen

    Of Dal’s limbs, what do you think each is for? Is the middle one a nose, or the two on the side? Are her eyes just vestigal things, and really her “sight” comes from the sensory nubs on the bottom of her feet? Oh or is what looks like eyes really her nostrils?

  4. Prairie

    I have a girlfriend who will repeat “I’m sorry” over and over even as she continues to commit the offending behavior. It’s an odd thing. (It usually happens when she’s been “overserved.”) It’s a curious, and apparently interspecies, phenomenon. lol.

  5. Grizzly

    What is it with the ongoing fascination with Martina’s wardrobe changes? Why does each panel have to be immediately following the previous one? Could this not have occurred a few hours afterwards?


    lol. I do not agree, only Dimitri is crazy enough to do it for the sake of doing it, especially when bored.
    Given that other’s have not tried even though they readily know indicates that you don’t want to be stunned for the 2nd time. lol.

  7. CompaniaHill

    Maybe stun resistance can only be achieved by humans through the combination of a ridiculously high number of repeated stuns at an insanely high blood-alcohol level.

  8. Leland


    Yup, that and the line about contract killing. I have no idea if that’s a character of the other strip, but an insectoid bounty hunter seemed pretty familiar to me. In fact, I was almost shuar it was her!

    (Sorry, I had to do it!)


    Gotta say I’m loving Dimitri. Consistent laughs always.

    Just re-read the last few panels…does Martina change her clothes each time she talks to a different crew member, or does this indicate time passage in space?

  10. I just bought “Spacetrawler: Book 1 The Human Seat” at the Albuquerque SciFi Expo this afternoon, I came home and jumped right into it! I’m just a few pages in and the “LPP” (Laughs Per Panel” I’m glad to say are very high! Thank you so much for introducing something new and great into my life!

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