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As you can see above, I’ll be in Albuquerque this weekend at the SciFi Expo. (along with Cordelia from Buffy, Chekov from Star Trek, and Darth Maul from Star Wars, among others.) So come on by and say hello. 🙂

THE SHIRTS: I received only two orders for the Pierrot shirt after a week, and so I have canceled the Pierrot Shirt 🙁 And I have not met the 20 shirt minimum for the “Purfin M-32” T-Shirt design yet (I’ve sold 9). I need to make that minimum or cancel this shirt as well.

And on my end I’m totally willing to do the work, the long haul, whatever it takes, (I even made an advertisement). So, let me sweeten the pot: I’ll include a 4×6 sketch (like I’ve posted from recent conventions) along with any pre-order (and this is retroactive for those of you who already ordered). So, ORDER A SHIRT!

Also, remember: this is a pre-order.  Which means that when you order now you’ll have a huge range of sizes and styles to choose from, but beyond your specific orders, I will be printing only a limited number or styles and sizes, which means that later you WON’T have a huge selection. So, order them while you still have an AWESOME selection.


  1. foo

    I would happily support you – if I had an income. Right now, my pennies go to rent and sometimes food. Sorry. 🙁 But I support you by spreading the luv for your comic instead.

  2. metaphizzle

    At first I thought there was some kind of continuity error between the panels. But then I paid closer attention to her hands and realized she just has A LOT of guns in that coat.

  3. JKCarroll

    I would LUV to see the expression on the agent’s face when Emily tries to go through airport security wearing that coat! (Glad to see the ship could replicate it, BTW.) I counted eight (8) separate weapons that she pulled from inside her coat. (Although, technically the wrist-fired gun doesn’t count as “pulled from coat”; still…)

    Any chance she’s got a Strohl Munitions BH-209i tucked away in there somewhere? A handheld plasma cannon that can double as a portable rocket drive sounds like it would be right up Emily’s alley.

  4. Eris Lobo

    Hmmm …

    First things first — Spacetrawler is, by far, the best online comic in existence. For me, it even beats The Dreamland Chronicles, which says a heck of a lot.

    That being said, I want a T-shirt that has something cool on it regarding Spacetrawler. Really want one. But nothing has really jumped out at me yet.

    I like Pierrot a lot — but the Pierrot shirt really wasn’t interesting, I hate to say.

    The Purfin M-32 is sorta cute, but it’s regarding a very minor part of the strip, and it doesn’t reflect what Spacetrawler’s all about to me.

    My recommendation — have a big “suggestion box” dealie going, and get everybody to suggest T-shirt designs, then pick out the most popular ones and the funniest ones and let everybody vote.

    I mean, to me, Emily rocks. Really rocks. In a sadistic, twisted way, but, hey, girl power and all that, y’know? Surely there’s a really cool T-shirt image and slogan you can think of that could be used next to her name.

    Oh, and you definitely have to have on the back of the shirt an identifier — something listing the web site of this comic in bright, bold, easy-to-read letters — so people who like the shirt but cock their head in confusion will know where to go to get an understanding.

    Just my two cents on the whole thing.

    Oh, and another 498 cents, too. I just donated five bucks, even though I’m pretty hard up for cash, too. If I can afford it, everybody else reading this, too, I figure, to help somebody like you produce such, well, awesomeness.

    *smiles and thinks of Emily/Pierrot shipper dreams*

  5. Jan

    Sorry, but shipping costs worldwide are eating any fun up – is it ok if I hit the donate button more often? I hope it is, as I really love this comic and I even bought and read “Chasm City” (no, I won’t give spoilers)

  6. Hydrargyrum

    Unfortunately I have so many webcomic t-shirts already (mostly Sam & Fuzzy and Dresden Codak)! I don’t need any more t-shirts, but I am running low on long-sleeves so I have ordered a Purfin long-sleeve shirt. I think it’s a great idea to offer a wider range of garment types for people who already have enough t-shirts.

    My favourite kind of webcomic merch is print collections. Obviously those can’t come out any faster than the webcomic itself, but I have ordered a copy of the Volume 1 print collection. Spacetrawler is definitely one of the most entertaining comics on the web and deserves some fiscal love. 😀

  7. Christopher

    @Leland, They’re not necessarily the same day. But generally I give Martina a new outfit ANY time it’s not a strip continuous with the one previous. 🙂

    Thanks for the thoughts, @Eris! So far BOTH of these designs came out of a bunch of people saying, “that’s awesome, you have to make a shirt out of that.” But a suggestion box might be worth trying. 🙂

    Sorry about the shipping, Jan! Yeah, not cheap to send anything overseas. :-/

    And everyone responding who are hard up for money, I hear you. And I don’t want to ask anything from anyone who can’t afford it. So, please, continue to enjoy guilt free.

    Awwww, thanks, @Hydrargyrum!

  8. Leland


    I share a lot of the frustation that @Eris articulated, namely that nothing you’ve offered up yet has struck me as something I want to wear.

    I’ll be coming to see ya at SPX next month (hey, it IS August already). I’m an evil MBA (among other hobbies), so maybe we can work together and get a marketing plan that gives your audience what they want (and thus willing to pay for).

    See ya then.

    PS Remeber, EVIL MBA. EVIL! Mwah ha ha ha ha, hack , -ahem- HA HA HA HA!

  9. War Pig

    Well, thankfully the VA check made it, so I’m happy with my decision to go ahead and get the Purfin T. Did you get enough preorders to make it go? If so, any idea on shipping timeframe in general (one month, two months, etc)?

    OBTW, Martina is extremely stylish. Do you do any clothes designing other than t-shirts or is your significant other assisting there? Better than a lot of the stuff they show on the news when talking about current fashion shows.

    Emily on a T might be a good idea, down the road. Hot chicks with bare midriffs and weapons are sexy. Maybe Emily with cleavage, bare midriff and smoking weapons, with one foot on the carcass of some alien monster and the words “Girls with plasma guns are sexy!” Or merely holding open her trench coat, showing lines of weapons attached to the coat and holstered to her fine thighs as well as bare midriff and cleavage with the same or similar wording? Of course, you’ll want to spread the T’s out and create desire and not have too many too close together.

  10. Christopher

    @Leland, I look forward to your evil counsel. 🙂

    @War_Pig, if I remember correctly, last time it took them about a week and a half to print and get them to me, and then I had all the orders out within a week. I plan to have the order put in this week, so hopefully to you by late-August? Best guess.

    Oh, and Martina’s styles are just me trawling fashion magazines and re-purposing, or being influenced by them for her more “futuristic” looking wear. There’s a reference I put up for on of her early outfits . (Thanks for the compliment, btw)

  11. I’d sort of have to agree with the comments the other folks have made about t-shirts. Honestly I’ve been sort of waiting for you to come up with a shirt featuring Emily, but it hasn’t happened yet. Not sure I’d want one that was T&A since that really doesn’t seem to be Emily’s style, but something featuring her being her normal bada$$ self (and wearing the hat! The hat rocks!) would be cool.

    I’m still really enjoying Spacetrawler! Thanks for all your hard work, and for sharing it with us!

  12. CompaniaHill

    Yeah, Emily seems to have lost her hat in her big final battle with Growp (strip 101). It’s a shame, because it really *was* part of her look. She should ask Bar-bot to make her a new one. Or Therapy-bot now, I guess.

  13. I predict the actual greeting of Pierrot when he returns with Krep, Dustin and everyone will be very low key. Emily will just say something that doesn’t even have the decency of even being frosty to him. She’ll betray absolutely nothing–just, “Hello, Pierrot,” and then she’ll walk out.

    And then, I’m guessin’ here, Chris will pan us to Pierrot’s look of absolute, hopeless, dread and horror. He’ll know something is up, that he did something very wrong–if only he had an idea what it was!

    Emily has a lot of emotional issues to work out–you don’t lock up potential boyfriends just to keep them safe from harm. But I’m sure they’ll work it out in the end. Clearly they are the best thing for each other!

  14. Galane

    DTG (Direct To Garment) printing has revolutionized the custom imprinting industry. It’s as durable as multi color screen printing plus it’s capable of much higher numbers of colors and even printing photographic images. Even better is the essentially zero setup cost. No screens, no color separations, no camera work, none of the time consuming and labor intensive work of screen printing. It’s even “greener”. No wasted ink, no screen washing chemicals or any of the other chemicals. But the A+ #1 advantage of DTG is the per item cost for 1 item can be the same as the per item cost for 1,000. Put the garment on the platen, print to it just like any printer, then run the garment through a conveyor dryer to cure the ink. (Could be some DTG’s have built in dryers on the output side.) DTG has killed the minimum order for high quality imprinting. 🙂

    The hardest part now is creating what you want to have on your shirts.

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