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11/24/15 Koen Watches Over 09

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  1. Destroying the world is exhausting.

  2. I wonder how this would work as a children’s novel, fast forwarding some of the political intrigue and trying less to suspend a reader’s disbelief, keeping the story gold that’s so obvious 🙂

  3. “Sigh. My feet are killing me. I just need to soak them for a spell. . . “

  4. For a Yontengu, he/she/it seems rather approachable.

  5. Oh my, that’s what they call “to be in the right place”.
    I don’t know if at the right time, though.

  6. Most of the entire world is destroyed while she was resting? Soooo all hers and her predecessors work and sacrifice was for nothing? I hope her friend is OK.

  7. I foresee enormous guilt on Julie’s part (unfortunately and unfairly) when she learns what happened while she recovered. Heartbreaking 🙁

  8. Loss of continent achieved! Yeah, there are superhero fails, and then there are Superhero Fails.

  9. At least she won’t have to go out of her way to find it.

  10. @TB, soooo… you’re saying the yontengu is …

    … incontinent?

  11. That’s what I was thinking, Herandar. I wonder if she will try to talk to this one….and what she will learn if she does.

  12. P’raps Yontengus (Yontengii?) are just as good at making stuff as wrecking stuff? The other three all generated their respective elements rather than destroying them. And now that everyone’s dead except for the folks that get along, Julie can now talk this fine elemental into building a nice, new continent. A really long skinny one, that runs all the way around the planet right at the terminator. Everyone can build houses with the bedrooms on the dark side, and the kitchens on the sunny side. Mr/Ms Yon gets two huge oceans in which to build and destroy islands to his/her heart’s content, all problems solved (except for that dang Molton Gloves issue) and they all live happily ever after! Yay!

  13. Wow, he’s right there. What are the odds? Maybe this ‘continent’ was really small.

  14. “Huff” is Yonteng-ish for “burp”, I guess…

  15. And all that remained is the one place where the two species lived together in peace.
    There’s a moral to that, I’m sure.

  16. Unless this monster was destroying land at an amazingly fast pace, this piece of land should be neck deep in refugees.

    And I’m still not sure where all that rock actually went, since where it existed it was already higher than the ocean is deep. In real life, you’d still have the continent, it would just be made of gravel.

  17. Looks like the Yongtengu is also a graffiti artist, writing SPSHH all along the short cliff it created. 😉

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