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11/26/15 Koen Watches Over 10

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  1. Can a hard working Yontengu not enjoy a moment of privacy! What do you want?!

  2. Looks like a nice enough guy. I’m sure he’ll listen to Reason.

  3. She may not even need to talk to it. After all, it has the mystical, all-smelling “third nostril”. It can smell her aura. Plus, she hasn’t bathed in forever. She may want to back off a little from the nasal area for sheer politeness.

  4. I am beginning to think the the title Koen watches over should be changed to Everybody is getting on with things while Koen is out for lunch to more accurately reflect events.

    To be fair, Koen did save Julie by remote control and there is no mountain high enough to stop him running to her.

    Then again, the VR is on the fritz and there aren’t that many mountains left. Glass half empty?

  5. I’d have put the helmet back on before approaching the beastie.

  6. Hey, Dude… Now that you’ve learned about your element by tearing it apart, how about learning creativity and the far more enjoyable arts and start creating designer continents?

    About 25 miles over that way would be a good place to start.

  7. @Golux

    I just hope he’s not obsessed with fjords, like the designer for that LAST planet…

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