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12/15/15 Epilogue 01

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  1. Wow, what a sad ending, if this is truly the ending.

  2. You cruel, cruel man.

    (Loved the story)

  3. Koen still looks a little shell-shocked.

    If Epilogue 2 isn’t Koen/Julie half-breed babies I’ll be disappointed. 😉

  4. Great story.. I won’t lie and say I’m totally happy with Julie dying along with everyone else not in Silponia… but hey, at least a viable population lives!

    Are we going to see the ancient hologram again? I’d like to see what he’d really been planning…

  5. So, sounds like this guy’s plan worked, but not for his own race, had to do it later.

    Step 1. Get all the pacifist genes together in a safe harbor that is small enough they have to work together.

    Step 2. Give the rest the tools to commit mass mutual suicide / murder.

    Step 3. A world of peace and love, founded upon a final solution and eugenics.

  6. @Gnarlydoug, he had nothing to do with them forming their little peaceful community, and he didn’t build the Yontengus — his goal was to destroy them.

    He knew there were these huge tools of war and destruction and left a magic suit for someone to try and defeat them. There isn’t much deeper to look for in his motivations.

  7. Beautifully done, but so sad. So many missed opportunities…..

  8. @Gnarlydoug, “A world of peace and love, founded upon a final solution and eugenics.”

    Have you been reading Trump’s campaign slogans again?!

  9. Well, that makes for a nice origin myth for the new symbiontic pacifist commune now representing what’s left of us. Well, mostly pacifist, give or take the occasional rockslide in self-defense and the juvenile run-away who dons magic armor to battle the elemental monsters #2-4.

    So maybe not all of the Siplonians will care for Julie’s tale as it would mean accepting that they owe their life to murder, however reluctant? Especially when the only account is that of an adolescent without much evidence to back it up… at least they did see Julie fly and the guy living in the hut might have seen the explosion.

    In the end Julie’s sacrifice will hurt Koen the most knowing that the gloces probably could have come off so there would have been a tangible future for had she not blown herself into fine dust…

    Curious how this is going to play out now that the pressing issues have been “resolved”…

  10. I don’t know that there would have been a future, not after Julie realized that the Yontengus were sentient. I think that’s the real reason she chose to stay with the last one – she knew herself to be a murderer, and killing herself was the appropriate punishment. (And if killing the Yontengus wasn’t bad enough, there were all the people she was unable to save, and the ones she felt responsible for – like the people who drowned.)

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