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12/03/15 Koen Watches Over 12

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  1. Julie does. It’s to help her.

  2. How much longer is the strip projected to run for?

    I share the sentiments of other commenters re: broken suspension of disbelief, but the last few strips have re-suspended it entirely. This is a side of Julie I worry we won’t see much more of, given that she’s not moving away from the explosives…

  3. Julie, you don’t have to die too. Yes the situatuon stinks, but it’s not your fault.

  4. @Psychorecycled, only a few more weeks left!

  5. Neither one will feel much of anything very soon.

    Never thought she’d end up being a suicide bomber.

  6. I thought I saw the shadow of her friend running on the coast in Tuesday’s strip. I don’t think she’s quite dead yet.

  7. @Herandar, well, I think it’s important to note there are two kinds of suicide bombers (or more, I haven’t researched the subject). One who bravely gives their life to further their beliefs. And the likes of her, who is very injured, wracked with guilt, does it purely to save innocents, and could escape but doesn’t feel she could live with it.

  8. It seems that none of them is happy with their destinies and now I feel so sad…

  9. The strong implication is that while conscious, these Yontengu have little if any free will when it comes to their actions to destroy. I think this Yontengu knows it is about to be destroyed and is fine with it. It makes the choice to not resist or fight back because that at least it can do.

  10. Since there’s nothing left to protect, why bomb?

  11. @Jesse, the mountains, where her community lives, still exists.

  12. Dang. I still like my solution from a couple of strips back, but with the application of said bomb, I’m guessing I didn’t, as they say “call it”. Oh well, sure hope the tiny gene pool remaining doesn’t have a whole lot of recessive conditions biding their time. And that they have some well designed crop rotation strategies. And that someone discovers a hidden talent for aquaculture. Soon.

  13. @fookiesan, And that someone discovers a hidden talent for aquaculture. Soon.

    Aquaculture? You mean, like, seafood? Like,
    Sea food.
    Sea food play.
    Sea food run.
    Run, Sea food, run!
    (if you want to live…)

    Or is it more like, “KELP! KELP! SAVE ME!”

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