Hope you all had great weekends. Mine was a bit of a mix.

A mix of happiness and sadness, in that we adopted out Babette. A good friend and her two children took her in, and we all have our fingers crossed they get on well. And it’s a good thing, when we picked her up off the street as a furrball we always said we were just fostering her, but already I miss her purring at 5am for pets, and her purr which sounds like it is squeaky and needs oil. <3

I did have good social time this weekend as well. Dinner on Friday with a friend, and then out for game night Saturday night with a group of friends, where I did quite well at the many round of Sheepshead, a fun game most popular in the US in Wisconsin. Because, well, because. (and I ate too many cookies, no surprise to ANYONE).

01/30/15 Anna’s Solo 01

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  1. Is Bixby’s first name Albert?

  2. Anna gets notes for poor conduct.

  3. Well, what did they expect when they named the ship that?

  4. Nicely done, but you have the position of the bassoons reversed. The right hand is lower, and the instrument crosses the body from right to left ascending.

  5. Maybe they are left-handed bassoons.

  6. Someone had a sick sense of humour naming that craft.

  7. Yeah.

    “The Mary Celeste? What could possibly go wrong?!”

  8. And if history repeats itself, they will abandon ship in fear that a deteriorating Lauridium cube will destroy them, and they will never be heard of again. The ship itself will be found intact, salvaged, and continue operations until some years later when its owners crash it in an attempt at insurance fraud.

    I’m hoping the crew of this Mary Celeste have a more interesting story than I’m guessing the crew of the original had.

    Um. I wonder though. Has this Mary Celeste been fitted with a faulty Lauridium cube in an attempt at insurance fraud? Was it previously found adrift in space, with its escape capsules missing?

    Is the Lauridium cube faulty at all, or is it just the sensors attached to it?

    Well, should be interesting fndng out… if we ever do 🙂

  9. “Captain Blake, everyone knows what the ship is named.”

    “Well, I was just saying, in case…someone…forgot.”

    “No one has, (sir/ma’am).”

  10. Captain Blake? co-incidence?

    let’s see if this captain shares the liberationist streak of his namesake…

  11. So happy Babette has a new home, and with a friend, so you can still visit her (oh, and the friend, too, of course). I have been watching a couple foster kitten cams, and I have great respect for people who have the strength to help animals in need, and then give them up to someone else to love.

  12. Those music stands are pretty cool. I wonder how long it will be before someone actually builds one. Tap a foot switch to “turn the page” so you don’t have to take your hands off the instrument to do so.

  13. @Muzhik, I know, right? And considering that even phones are advanced enough to have voice recognition, it would be able to follow the music it’s displaying, and hear the sounds made, and KNOW when to turn.

  14. Trying to carry on and now the clock is ticking down fast before the big jump from whatever century they are in to raw primordial life. To top it off it is on an alien planet! Doesn’t look like they planned on that landing. And it seems their comm isn’t reaching civilization. Let me guess, this system is off the normal space lanes. I hope it has at least have been surveyed at one time or another?

  15. My weekend was one hundred percent miserable, complete with forgetting to bring the chips and beer for the super bowl party because I didn’t want to miss the bus!

    Made it back in time for the halftime, though… so I at least got to watch the second half!

    Also, the bassoon is only “wrong” if you’re right handed.

  16. I’m glad for Babette… we can trust everything will be ok with her and her new family…
    mmm I’m feeling this story has an interesting background.

  17. MN likes Shepskopf too

  18. @OB, ah, the midwest. One more thing to love about it. Honestly. <3

  19. It’s probably already being done, in standard classrooms where the instructor controls the students’ screens and flips the “page” sent from the instructor’s station. The classrooms where I work can do that.

  20. That was to Muzhik. Apparently even though the page said “Reply to [Person]”, it doesn’t give any indication after posting that it’s a reply to [Person].

  21. @Christopher, that’s the problem. If the computers can “listen” to the notes and “know” when to turn the page, what’s to keep them from “playing with themselves” (so to speak). Why involve the middle-carbon-based-life-form when a perfect note (or imitation thereof) can be produced by the computer?

    Of course, there have been studies that have done this kind of comparison — when you don’t know which sample was made by human or machine, people prefer the human music. The imperfections add emotional content to the music.

  22. Of course, I’m over-thinking the problem. Instead of “listening” to the notes, just have the blessed thing count the beats like a metronome. 4 beats per measure; 96 measures per double-page, after 384 beats turn the page.

  23. OZ79:

    As a long time bassonist, I can testify that there is no fargin way to play one backwards. Hard enough forwards. Maybe the matter imminentor was set to “mirror”

  24. It always annoys me when I see incorrectly drawn flutes, me being a flute player and all, so I was all excited to see one done as close to properly as the line-art style allows.

    And then I got all twitchy again when I saw that the rest of the instruments were all being held incorrectly, unless everyone except the flute section is a lefty/decided to get flipped instruments for some reason.

  25. @Muzhik: Stands like that have existed for a while. I’ve had one of Freehand Systems’ (now discontinued) MusicPads for a few years, and SightRead Ltd. recently released their own version of a digital sheet music stand.

  26. At least they won’t being held waiting for lemon scented napkins.

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