Today was a hoot. At some point my computer suggested I upgrade my MAC OS, and there was actually a reason for me to do it (I had lost over an hour’s work, which MIGHT be saved with the upgrade. Long story). Anyhow, the work was not regained, and the upgrade took a LONG time, and then half my software stopped working, and just ugh ugh ugh.

Not that life is that hard. All work got done. I had spaghetti for dinner. The cats are purring. Life is okay.

02/04/15 Anna’s Solo 02

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  1. “We’re dropping you.”
    “I’ll be playing off-stage?”

  2. Psst… Commonly misspelled word, there: it’s ‘eke’ out, not ‘eek’ out. Eeking out sounds like you’re barely managing to be a mouse.

  3. Eek! How you manage to eke out a living doing comic strips is beyond me?! Unless you were to bring back Spacetrawler…

  4. Yes, if it isn’t properly said, it isn’t official… she’s just trying to save her solo.

  5. “Eek” makes me think of Eebs.

  6. Loving Anna’s innocence!

  7. Hahahahaha! “eek/eke” has been fixed. πŸ™‚

  8. and here I was figuring that was why Anna was going to be dropped – her playing was actually pretty good, and the rest of the orchestra was eeking and squeaking.

  9. I like her suggested solution. Reminds me of certain radio stations when I was growing up and vinyl records were all there was. One station in our market boasted how they played more music in an hour than any other station. They made it sound like they did it by not having as many breaks or ads (not true, just timed to make it seem that way.) In fact, as a percussionist I had a very keen sense of timing. I realized that this station had goosed their turntables by about 10%. A song that normally would take 3:50 would finish in 3:20. It wasn’t enough to be noticeable unless — like me — you were attuned to rhythms and pitches.

  10. I like this abrupt switch to the mundane, and personal after the ground shattering information for the ship’s passengers just heard.

  11. I see we are getting a intilgent and fast witted protagonist.

  12. @Christopher, an FYI: there’s no link to “Anna Galactic” from your “My Comics” or “Other Projects” drop-down menus.

  13. Oh! Thanks, @Muzhik. Will fix that tonight once the strip is drawn. πŸ™‚

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