So, I have a lot to announce!

I’m about to embark on an indefinitely long journey, moving from place to place every month, around the country, making a portable storage unit out of my car, and using for all my stays.

What this means, and how you can support my endeavor:

1. Indiegogo Campaign! I am doing an Indiegogo campaign in exchange for artwork I’ll be doing while on the road. Want art from me? Such as watercolors, ink drawings, character sketches, and oil paintings? Go check it out. And help launch my travels!

2. Patreon Page! Do all of you know I have a Patreon page? An awesome way to support an artist whose work you love. It’s kind like an online tip jar. Check it out.

3. TopatoCo store! Any other books or merch in my TopatoCo store.

4. Amazon Wish List! I have some books and supplies to help me on my way on my Amazon Wish List.

5. Little Dee Originals won’t be on sale for however long I’m on the road (your last day, February 25). So, if you want to purchase any of the archive strips, and help support the launching of my journeying, it might be a while before they’re available again.

6. Little Dee b&w collections! As you may know, I have completed the full-color Little Dee graphic novel (totally new story!) for Penguin/Dial books. It is due out this summer, at which point (according to contract) the Little Dee b&w collections, which you know and love, will have to be made unavailable. So, make sure to make purchases before this summer. And what better time than now, to help launch my travels! 😉

7. Simply Leave Me a Tip!

02/09/15 Foxglove’s Sister 01

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  1. Chris. I’ve done the itinerant traveler bit. It can be fun and will definitely be enlightening, for good and for ill. Beats traveling around having to fight people everywhere. It can be done rather cheaply, depending on the cost of gasoline and your tolerance for junk/fast food when funds get low. Take along some packs of instant ramen. You’d be surprised how good they taste in an emergency. Also some peanut butter and Ritz or appropriate vegan substitutes. You’d be surprised at how many places in the USA still do not have all night food available. 😉

    But, is Sweetie going with you? It can be both more and less fun that way. Personally, I prefer Sweeties to come along but others do not. I think things can be more fun when shared with a loved one, or good friend.

    PS: Glad you found a reliable auto.

    PPS: Good luck and be safe. May the road be clear before you and the wind be at your back.

  2. Thank you for the thoughts and well-wishes @War_Pig. And yes, I am the master of cheap food. I’m a cartoonist after all. 😉

    “Sweetie” actually is an ex-sweetie since October. I haven’t talked about it here. It was sad, but the split was very mutual. And since then I have remained living here, in another room of the house, amicably for both of us.

  3. Degray knows about you, Chris?

  4. Come to Florida. It’s a frigid 65 degrees right now here in Central Florida. Are you definitely planning on staying a month at each location, or moving more frequently than that?

  5. @Coyoty, ha! I hadn’t thought of it that way, but, indeed. Indeed.

    @Herandar, monthly is the plan (if for no other reason than monthly rates are what make it affordable), but with AirBnb it doesn’t have to start on the 1st of the month, so I’ll certainly be staying with friends and family here and there, maybe some camping as well.

    65 sounds nice though (oh look, it’s snowing again). My first stay (in mid-march) is in high desert in northern Arizona on a Navajo reservation miles from the nearest town, where it will be in the 60s during the day. SO looking forward to it. 🙂

  6. Oh, it sounds like a great adventure (an adventure some of us should do at least once). Good luck and lots of inspiration.

  7. The end of your relationship upset me more than I thought it would, random internet person who’s funny drawings I have enjoyed for years.
    Sorry to hear, and best of luck on your travels

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  9. Come to Europe, and you can tour with the circus with me. Seriously, check my email address domain 😛

  10. *If* you come to europe, there would be an empty, fully equipped flat in the rural swabian alps here for your use.
    Looking out on the forest edge and with a real chanche of observing deer, fox, wild pigs an a lot of beeches.

    I love the romantic picture of the travelling artist.
    Hate to hear about your split, though.
    I feel you.

    Have an insightful voyage.
    And thanks for sharing your life and art.


  11. Not sure if you are still travelling around, but I own and run an artist house in Portland you could call base for a bit. Plenty of car-based lifeforms out this way and I like your work. Email me our find me on Facebook.

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