Ah, a busy day. Cooked some black beans, went to the post office and the library, pet kitties, put out fires, drew comics, and basically saved the world.

You’re welcome.

I think I’m going to brave the dark and cold and go to the grocery. Continuing eating, as a “thing” in my life, seems like a rather good idea at the moment.

And I feel loopy.

02/06/15 Anna’s Solo 03

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  1. Is Pewter self-contained or an extension of the ship’s computer?

  2. Thanks, thanks for savimg the world.

  3. Okay, Pewter’s a keeper.

  4. It doesn’t matter what pewter or that conductor say… Simply it isn’t fair.

    (He didn’t give her a good reason to drop her solo)

  5. Pewter is a regular K-9, without the subservience. Good robot!

    “Well someone had to be cut, it was you Anna, because you are such a powder puff. Otherwise I would have had to do so, thanx.”

  6. 3rd panel, second sentence: It simply had to [be] done…

    Anna is an introvert? Hard on herself, did not keep up the pressure on the conductor to tell her what’s really behind it…

  7. On the fence. If Pewter’s last line is a continuation of the speech bubble in the previous panel, it made no sense what-so-ever. If it was in response to Anna’s comment in the last panel, let me go find my hob-nailed boots, ‘cuz it’s time to kick some ‘bot-butt.

  8. Ah-Ha! Trying to sneak another one past me. But I found it, you scoundrel!!

    Is that Dee all grown up?

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