Happy Birthday me! Yay. 🙂

And final day! So…

I’m about to embark on an indefinitely long journey, moving from place to place every month, around the country, making a portable storage unit out of my car, and using for all my stays.

What this means, and how you can support my endeavor:

1. Indiegogo Campaign! I am doing an Indiegogo campaign in exchange for artwork I’ll be doing while on the road. Want art from me? Such as watercolors, ink drawings, character sketches, and oil paintings? Go check it out. And help launch my travels!

2. Patreon Page! Do all of you know I have a Patreon page? An awesome way to support an artist whose work you love. It’s kind like an online tip jar. Check it out.

3. TopatoCo store! Any other books or merch in my TopatoCo store.

4. Amazon Wish List! I have some books and supplies to help me on my way on my Amazon Wish List.

5. Little Dee Originals won’t be on sale for however long I’m on the road (your last day, February 25). So, if you want to purchase any of the archive strips, and help support the launching of my journeying, it might be a while before they’re available again.

6. Little Dee b&w collections! As you may know, I have completed the full-color Little Dee graphic novel (totally new story!) for Penguin/Dial books. It is due out this summer, at which point (according to contract) the Little Dee b&w collections, which you know and love, will have to be made unavailable. So, make sure to make purchases before this summer. And what better time than now, to help launch my travels! ;-)

7. Simply Leave Me a Tip!

02/25/15 Mother Daughter Talk 05

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  1. Now she’s showing Anna that it’s okay to eliminate those who go against her. But not for Blake to do it, or Anna.


  3. Happy Birthday! Best wishes, good luck and safe travels!

  4. As for the strip, ‘respect’ does not mean ‘blind obedience’, Anna. Sheesh. Sheltered much?

  5. Typo in the fifth panel here–“mean” instead of “meant.”

    And this is why I raise my kids to subvert authority right now! And probably also why my kids don’t listen to me. Damn it…

  6. I’ve raised my kids to follow their own conscience, & have tried to guide that conscience to have the benefit of the whole as a priority. So far I think that I’ve mostly succeeded, at least I know that I cannot imagine having this conversation with my kids, now.

    Hoppy bunnies to the artist.

  7. Nooo, don’t get rid of the nanny-bot, who’s gonna make us laugh?…

    Happy Birthday Christopher!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, safe travels.

    The second bubble of Anna’s dialog in Panel 5 doesn’t make sense. She says “What, did you just meant you?” Did you intend her to say “What? Did you just mean you?”

  9. Birthdays are amazing. Some folks aren’t lucky enough to get many. Glad you got another one. Happy day.

  10. Happy Birthday! Happy trip! Happy life!

  11. Happy Birthday, Chris! As others have said, please stay safe out there!

  12. JFred Slowvehicle Hintze

    Happy Birthday, Chrisfriend!

    May this year be all you hope for!

  13. I think on panel five, you want Anna to say, “What, did you just mean you?” Or “What, you just meant you?”

    Loving this comic!

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