It’s so hard to do any good espeionage these days, with everyone looking over your shoulder!

Hi, all! Thank you. Thank you everyone for all your support, with all the various ways of supporting that I’ve been posting about, but also over the years, and simply by lending your eyes and your hearts. Thank you.

All is well. I’ve been packing all day, and it’s almost midnight. So I have 3 more hours to go. Fun! Oy, can’t wait til the packing is over.

02/27/15 Being Brought In 01

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  1. It’s amazing how much espionage you can get done when your spycatcher thinks you’re trying to steal something totally different. Like when a security guard checks your bags to make sure you’re not carrying anything out in them, and you’re stealing bags.

  2. It also helps if you don’t look the least bit suspicious, just doing your own thing.. just another happy shopper!

    …..Not that I’d know anything about that, right? 😉

  3. I’m really liking this girl.

  4. @0Z79, Or, as I’m fond of telling my kids, “It’s amazing what you can learn when people think you’re not paying attention.”

    @Coyoty, reminds me of a favorite Doonesbury cartoon, after Operation Desert Storm and troops were being ‘cycled home. A border guard was just getting down from a tank having done a check for contraband, talking to the driver about all the stuff people were trying to “sneak” home, and ending up saying something like, “Yeah, I’ve found it all.” And as the tank driver moves forward, you see the thought bubble, “Except maybe a tank.”

  5. Yeah, I remember that Doonesbury comic, but you forget to mention that the tank that was “inspected for contraband” was an Iraqi/Russian one.

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