Hi! Almost on the road. A few final packing things. I thought I’d be leaving Monday morning… but… it might be Tuesday morning. Who knew that putting one’s entire life in storage (or in the car) would be so much work?

But I’m walking on clouds with excitement.

Oh, so, this weekend I was part of the local “24 Hour Playfest” to support APE (Art in the Public Eye)

Essentially, we met up Friday night, randomly chose teams (3 or 4 actors, 1 director, and 1 writer per team, 10 teams). The writers (like me) stayed up all night writing a play. Then starting EARLY on Saturday, the actors learned and got ready and performed the plays that night.

My play was titled “Love and the Apocalypse,” directed by Lee Gooden, starring Kara Woomer, Sydney Clifford, and Jabori Williams (in order of appearance). Jabori won the award for best actor for the evening, congratulations! And here is is:

03/02/15 Being Brought In 02

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  1. Ha!

    Good response, Foxglove.

  2. Love the play!

  3. This made me laugh! Thank you!

  4. Play was very good. I think you could go on to a full five acts with that idea. The characters were just beginning to learn interesting things about themselves, and I think it could go a long way. The house decorator, especially, seemed to have the most potential for huge personal growth with this experience. She was just starting to face it as the play ended.

    Good luck on the road!

  5. Was it something about, um, what was it again? Oh, hey, my computer’s down, can I use yours?

  6. Bill Watterson quote from Calvin and Hobbes. Love it.

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