I’m hoping I’ll be able to type more on this blog before Friday. but I might just be wearily pulling into Phoenix. I have no idea. I’m typing this late Monday night. I do not have a time machine. i cannot see the future. All i can do is eat cookies and wait and see.

03/06/15 Being Brought In 04

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  1. At last! giving it a little bit more thought is better than nothing…

  2. Ok, I’m definitely leaning toward the ‘wrecked as an insurance fraud’ idea!

    Almost certainly wrong!!

  3. Interesting hypothesis, not a theory though. It also sounds paranoid and conspiracist. Doesn’t mean she is wrong. Either the comm is broken or they have a secret reason.

    To take a line from Star Wars universe: “I have a bad feeling about this.”

  4. Shhh! Secret Missions, don’cha know? SECURITY for all!

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